Chautauqua Hills Blues Festival, Sedan, Kansas
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Hollow Park, Sedan, Kansas
Hollow Park, Sedan, KS
Hollow Park


Gregg Theatre, Sedan, Kansas
Gregg Theatre
"The festival was conceived as a Memorial Weekend event to share entertainment and the beauty of Chautauqua County."

The Chautauqua Hills Blues Festival is a community supported non profit event with an all volunteer staff, held every Memorial Day weekend. All proceeds benefit the children of Chautauqua County. Festival grounds are located a mile north of Sedan and offer 100+ acres perfect for camping, all in sight of the stage. Although there are art and food booths, the focus of this event is the natural beauty of the venue and area.

‘Chautauqua Hills Festivals Inc, holds the annual Blues festival to promote local business and tourism in Chautauqua County with all proceeds going to benefit the children of Chautauqua County.’

We also sponsor the local “Blues in the Schools” program. The Chautauqua Hills are unique geographically in Kansas being the only cross-timber area in the state. Chautauqua and the adjacent Elk County also feature the 3 most photographed and beautiful waterfalls in Kansas.

Chautauqua Hills Festival Archives

The festival features the best talent in the area as well as national and regional acts every year. The national acts play early so those not camping can be home by midnight. Camping is strongly encouraged. Since all bands stay in Sedan, some of the highlights of the festival have been the scheduled jam and after show bonfire.

We hope you'll make this an annual event you'll share with us every year!

The Chautauqua Hills Area

Chautauqua County and Sedan have experienced a transformation in recent years with a great sense of community. We hope you will take the opportunity to see some interesting and beautiful attractions within a 20 mile radius of camp.

Sedan's historic downtown is revitalized by unique shops, antiques, a museum, and park. Sedan has also seen a surge in appreciation for the arts and is home to several studios, galleries and the Kurtis Arts Plaza.

The merchants, Chamber, Sedan Area Foundation, and the Sedan Area Economic Development Committee have joined in support of this festival. Please visit for information on other events in our area.
Sedan, Kansas
We'll provide you with a short route to visit Grafton Mill/Post Office, Butcher Falls, and Quivira Lake, though there are so many more great places to visit in the Chautauqua Hills!
Chautauqua Hills Attractions, Chautauqua County, Kansas

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