Chautauqua Hills Blues Festival, Sedan, Kansas
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To find the closest area lodgings, contact The White Tail Inn. There are many accommodations in the area. Independence, Kansas (just 11 miles of gravel or 38 highway miles) also offers several options on the West end of town.
Chautauqua Hills Blues Festival
"National acts play early so those not camping can be home by midnight. Though, camping is strongly encouraged - all bands stay in Sedan and some of the highlights of the festival have been the scheduled jam and AFTER show bonfire!"

The camping area is creek side, immediately north of parking. Camping from Friday through Saturday night is reserved for All Session Pass holders. Sunday night camping is included for those who purchase Sunday (only) tickets.

All Session Pass holders are welcome after 12:00 PM on Friday until 5:00 PM on Monday. If you hold an All Sessions Pass and won't arrive until Saturday, please arrive before the show by 1:00 PM. Sunday ticket holders are welcome after daybreak on Sunday until 5:00 PM on Monday.

Please do not camp in the festival parking, audience, or back stage areas, which is reserved for people affiliated with the festival.

There are no showers - just port-o-potties but accommodations are made for campers to shower at a nearby motel. (See me for details.) There are no RV ‘hookups’ and if you want power it's very limited. To secure an RV spot you should arrive no later than 1:00 PM on Saturday. There are places throughout the 100+ acres, and you can always ask.

Use of generators is limited to between 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM and when music is NOT playing. Dogs are welcome.

Don't forget to bring your chairs, blankets, and coolers. There is no beer sold at the festival. The liquor stores will be open on Sunday in Sedan, Kansas.

Be flexible and have fun.

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