Chautauqua Hills Blues Festival, Sedan, Kansas
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Chautauqua Hills Blues Festival
"If you are coming to the festival for the first time, the drive through the Osage Hills on 99 in Oklahoma or on 400 through the Flint Hills is a beautiful prelude to the Chautauqua Hills and our venue - the CQ Blues Stage."

CQ Blues Stage Address: 2028 Kansas Road, Sedan, Kansas 67361
See Google Maps A road provides access to camping north of the parking - see festival grounds map (left). General parking, parking for motorcycles and RV parking is provided on site.

Don't forget to bring your chairs, blankets and coolers. The festival will offer arts booths and food vendors, though there is no beer sold at the festival. The liquor store will be open on Sunday in Sedan, Kansas.

Please, drive safely and responsibly!

We also want to encourage people to support live music and art wherever they are. The dedication, talent and investment in things for others gives us all more in this life to enjoy.

"National acts play early so those not camping can be home by midnight. Though, camping is strongly encouraged - all bands stay in Sedan and some of the highlights of the festival have been the scheduled jam and AFTER show bonfire!"
CQ Blues Stage

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